36 Rue de Minkiminski

Dear Sir,

I notice in the introduction to your work that you specify the need for symbolism and nuance. May I offer the following examples for your consideration.

  1. The term Renaissance was first used by Giorgio Vasari, 1511-1574, who developed a profound understanding of zeitgeist and built a tower.
  2. Joseph Albers, 1888-1976, deeply concerned with the colour orange that appears from mixing yellow and red pigment with a suitable medium.
  3. Henri Matisse, 1869-1954, his depiction of snails demonstrated a fondness for colouring wildlife and an ability to use scissors.
  4. Henri Cartier Bresson 1908-2004, a highly proficient camera man once heard to say “just a moment” while puddle jumping.
  5. John Cage 1912-1992, composer of 4’ 33” a piece of work which involved squeaks and sniffs.

Yours faithfully
  Yorgan Zibgnwynski