Black and white portrait photograph of a man with a bandaged head and hand.  Overlaid at the top of the photograph is an old fashioned medical, text on the saw blade is the title for this page: Medical Matters. Line drawing of a young brother and sister sitting at a dinner table, their mother is standing to the side and appears to be talking to them, the girl is attentive, the boy is looking ahead worriedly.  Captioned: Reconstructing an ear is the most difficult problem in plastic surgery other than reconstructing a penis. Line drawing of a man appearing to be floating at an angle in the air with only his head resting against a stool on the ground.  Captioned: The decision whether or not to be sterilised can only be made after a great deal of careful thought. Black and white photograph of a man sitting in a chair dressed in a dinner suit with his trousers rolled up revealing deformed feet and lower legs.  Captioned: The result of wearing ill-fitting shoes. Black and white photograph of an elderly man, seemingly a doctor, adjusting a bird-cage type contraption which is surrounding the head of a younger woman who is seated in front of him.  Captioned: Doctor Sample's Nervous Headache Cure. Send 5/- Postal Order for details. Line drawing of a gynecologist performing an examination on a woman whose legs are raised in stirrups.  Captioned: Nasal passages unblocked. Competitive prices — send for leaflet.