Framed portrait photograph of Mr Aldridge
Framed portrait photograph of Mr Heasman
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The Editors, Messrs. Heasman and Aldridge, are pleased to announce the return of ‘The Fly Cemetery’. This edition has many exciting new features, including a controversial article on wadding, another fine selection of poems by Crispian Sprightly, and a chance to further explore the meadow vole.

Since our last publication, the Editors have been awarded The Certificate of Merit for their contribution to literature and its influence on woollens.

The past season has been particularly difficult - Mr Aldridge was apprehended in a state of undress on Lossiemouth Beach, eating seaweed and imitating a haddock. He also had a number of knitted items from his Private Collection confiscated by the Transport Police. Furthermore, after a gruelling and hard-fought bout of shadow wrestling in his attic, Mr Heasman suffered a number of unsightly dislocations and was subsequently admitted to hospital. Enquiries are ongoing.

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